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Meet the Line

The Grant Drumline is a combination of orginal members and freshmen. Drummers that can commit to our extremely busy schedule are given the opportunity to actually perform. Please take a moment to meet our line up. To see our past members, click here.



Hello, My name is Samina.



Hello, My name is Marcio.


Hello, My name is Ezavion Coner I am 14 I play snare drum on grant drumline.When I get off drumline I would like to see improvement. I joined drumline when I was in 7th grade. I was the youngest drummer. I started off with bass.And I just want to get better and better in drumline.


Hi my name is Andrea Sepulbeda and this is my third year playing. I play the Snare drum, Quads, and Piano.I have a passion for music, but when I heard the Drumline play I wanted to be in.

My name is baltishna lata. im a fiji born indian. im a graduate from GHS. I  join drum line in my senior year. And play bass. My plans are to become a  music director in the future.

Hi my name is Demarri Richards I play bass in snare, in I've been playing drums for two years. I also been on the DRUMLINE for two years this year its about to be my third year playing drums n being on the DRUMLINE.

DRUMLINE is a big goal for me. It keeps you off the streets and it makes your family proud cause they see you doing something with your life.

So when I'm gone I want the future drummers to know DRUMLINE is something you can do with your life. You just have to be a great leader.

Stephanie Romero
Hi my name is Stephanie Romero. I play the snare drum. I’ve been playing the drums for two years. I started playing with the Smythe Drum-line in the 7th grade. I wanted to try something different so I tried Drum-line and I love it.


Hello, i'm Fabian Brenes and this is my first year on Grant drumline. I play the bass drum but im starting to play quads. I've always wanted to be on drumline since i was in the 7th grade, ive never knew i would be able to be apart of it. Drumline is a place to be and be apart of to make friends and many memories.   


Drum line is the one the best things that ever happen to me at grant. It is a Family we have a lot of ups and downs. We argue and fight but at the end of the day we are all family.The way my skills are they are through the roof and i taught amir reams everything hes know. By the way Drum line is place where i can feel safe don't have to worry about any problems is all about having fun making money and doing what you love and doing things that people have never got a chance to do. I'm a triple OG. GO GRANT DRUM LINE.


Hi, I'm Elijah Coner and i'm a Junior and i am 16 years old. I have been on Drumline for about 1-2 months now and i have to say it has been the best experience i have ever had in my life. Drumline has really pushed me to do better and work harder than i have ever worked before.  


My name is Cynthia Nava. I am a freshman. I play the bass drum. I joined drumline because it looked fun and i wanted to do something with my four years at guhs. One thing i like about being in drumline is its nice to be in it and its fun.


My name is Harmony Moore, or (Harms) for short. i am 16 years old and a sophomore here at Grant High school. i play the quads on drumline. I had been in our school band my freshman year and always had a desire to join drumline. Now that im actually apart of this amazing experience, i honestly wouldn't trade it for the world. The support from our school and community is not only motivating but knowing that we have Mr. V  who truly believes in every single member of our drumline is mesmerizing. Although i want to join the navy after i graduate  highschool, our pacer family and drumline will always hold a place in my heart. Thanks to Mr. V, music will live on inside me forever. PACERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!


Hello there my name Is Myia Williams Kaiser. I am a Senior class of 2016. I joined the drumline because I have the passion and love for music. I have a little brother who goes to Michael J. Castori Elementary and I have a little sister who also goes to Grant Union High School who is a sophomore. When I graduate i want to go to Grambling State University, HOME OF THE TIGERS, and major in Biology and come back to Grant Union High School to teach students Biology. PACERS FOR LIFE!!!!


My name is Katy Aguirre, I'm a junior at grant high school (class of 2017) and have been in drumline since my freshman year. Drumline has been a great part of my life these high school years, has really played a great role in my growing up and outstand myself. I grew more confident and proud of what I do. Mr. V has also been very important (like a 2nd father figure) to me and all his effort and help I always take for notice. I know we will all get far and reach our dreams together and have us in our memories for the rest of our lives.GO DRUMLINE!!!


Hello my name is Jamariah Morris and I am a senior on Grants Drum line and I play the bass. I have been attending drum line since the beginning of my senior year when I first seen the drum line play at one of there performances I was blown away of how talented the drummer's were and I had to find a way to join and I really enjoy it its a way for me to have fun and represent something so special and amazing im so grateful this is the best opportunity and I will never forget. ON GRANT DRUM LINE IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!!!!!


T.A.P Advisor
Mr. Van Buren
aka Mr. V