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Meet the Veterans

The Grant Drumline's past members:

My name is Amir Reams and i am a double OG. I am a junior, sixteen years old, and i have been on the Grant Drumline since my freshman year at grant. My playing and skills speaks to describe me. No further comments.


Hi, my name is Damarea Williams. I’m seventeen and I’m in the 12th grade. I’ve been on the drumline since last year in December. I’ve always known about the drumline because my older brother was on it. I just never thought it was a place for me to be. But soon after talking to one of my close friend Classey about it. I thought I’d give it a try. Right, when I walked in I seen how close everyone was and it seemed like an actual family. I then went to every practice and was a part of the drumline. It’s been an amazing experience. I’ve also learned a lot from our coach, Mr.V. He taught us that when it’s time to be professional we have to have our act together and quick. He also taught us that when we make a promise we have to be responsible enough to keep it. Drumline hasn’t just been a great experience for everyone they seen them perform. They’ve also been a great experience in my life.

Hello, my name is Janasia Berreman and I am the sophomore on the drum line I am 15 and I play base and working on playing snare and piano when I get older I would like to be a all around performer and when I get off the line who ever  joins just want them to no that this line is not  just a line we are family.

My Name is Kayla. I'm a senior on the drumline. I have been on the drumline since my freshman year and over the years I have learned to play all 3 drums bass,  snare,  and quads along with the Keyboards. I love being on the drumline because it keeps me occupied and it makes me happy to see people enjoy what we do as Grant Drumline. There is no other line that can do it how we do it.  Go Grant!

Hello, my name is Chong Lo and I am 16 years old . I just got in drum line at the beginning of this year and this year is a truly amazing year. I am a bass drummer and I love it. Music have always been a inspiration for me and being a drummer in Grant drum line makes up for everything.

Tay Tay

Classy Bent
My name is Classey Bent and I am a new member on the Grant Union High School Drum-line. I have been attending the Drum-line for about four months now. I am a Bass player on the line. I love playing on the Drum-line. It’s a passion for me and I hope to stay on all four years of school.


Hello, My name is Anna and I am a sophomore at GUHS. I joined Drumline in the beginning of my sophomore year. Although I have just recently joined Drumline, it has been such a great experience and I am loving it! Drumline so far has given me so much memories to one day look back on and reminisce and I am excited to make even more memories over the years. Currently I play the bass drum but over time with practice I hope to move up to snare.

Tay Tay

Jose Zuniga
New Member - Bio will be updated shortly

Tay Tay

Ted Lee
New Member - Bio will be updated shortly

Tay Tay

Austin G. Murray
New Member - Bio will be updated shortly

Tay Tay

Samuel Timoti
Samuel Timoti loves Hip Hop and likes to play quads. He is 18 and simply signed up and joined the drumline!

Greg Williams
Greg has been a memeber for one year, and is the future President of the United States

Tay Tay

Matthew Cano
I play snare drum for the Drum-line. When I first started I just signed up to join a group and learn from Mr.V. The Drum-line is my life. When I graduate I want to get a scholarship playing drums and go to college. This summer I plan to do nothing but play drums.

Michael Turner
My name is Michael Turner and I play the snare drum. I have been playing drum for 1 year. I was influenced to play the drum by Vincent Turner.


Gary Taylor
My name is Gary Taylor and what made me join the Drum-line is I love to play music. Being on the Drum-line made me feel like Nick Cannon. Like in the movie Mr. V has been a big help in getting me on the line. Even as an alum, I come back and jam with the line whenever Mr. V needs my support.



Taeveana Henderson
Hi my name is Taeveana Henderson. I’ve been playing drums for two years. The drum that I play is the snare drum. I love music but when I heard the Grant Drum-line play I fell in love. Playing the drums complete me. I played with Smythe Drum-line in 7th and 8th grade.


Joaney Reid
Hi my Name Is Joaney Reid I Play The Bass Drum At Grant Union High School I’m In The 10th Grade At This Point Of time I Want To Be on the Grant Drum line Until I Graduate From Grant or Maybe Even Longer.



Hi my name is Tevin, and I’m a sophomore in high school. This is my third year playing drums. I play snare drum and quads. I plan to be on the Drum-line all four years.

Tay Tay

Dar’ius Jordan
Hi my name is Dar’ius Jordan I play on the Grant high school Drum-line I play the bass im currently a sophomore I’m planning to be on the Drum-line my whole 4 years I go to grant and I plan on going to culinary school. Basically, that’s Me!!!!! Go Pacers!!!

Aujzhane Buchannon
Bio will be updated shortly

Tay Tay

My name is Brianna Payne a.k.a. Bre. I’m a junior at Grant High School. I am on the greatest Drum-line in the world… Grant’s Drum-line. I’m a very outgoing person and I love to have fun. I play the Bass Drum. People say I’m a hard hitter… but really I just give them what they want to hear (BASS)!

Tay Tay

Vincent Carlyle Turner
Vincent Carlyle Turner is 16 and plays the snare, bass, and piano. He's been playing drums since he was 12 years old, and got started by pencil beating on school desks! His favorite artist is Hurricane Chris

Tay Tay

Davisha G.
My name is Davisha. I play bass drum on the Grant Drumline. My hero is myself. My favorite saying is, "you can bad by yourself." ^_^

Keon Johnson

Tay Tay

Tay Tay
Hello my name is Exzonta a.k.a. Tay Tay. I am a sophomore at Grant High School. I’m on the Drum-line. I play the Bass drum. Drum-line is my favorite activity. I’m planning on staying on the Drum-line until my senior year. I am a pacer for life. GO PACERS!

Tay Tay

Nick Pipkins
Nick Pipkins plays bass drum, piano, and sometimes the snare. He started playing the drums this year, and is thinking of sticking with it for his senior year. He feels he and his brother Tim are the heart of the drumline because of their level of school spirit.

Tim Pipkins
My name is Tim Pipkins. I’m a graduate student from Grant High School. I’m still on the drum line. I play the bass drum and the keyboard. My 1st song was Blow the Whistle, now I can play whatever. I remember when I first started I couldn’t play nothing. My little brother and I were the only drummers on the line that wanted to play bass drum. Today... we are raw at it and now everybody wants to be a bass player. On the day that we played for Kevin Johnson, the Mayor of Sacramento, we made up a dance. The dance is what actually shaped the Line. It also put pressure on the rest of the Line to step up their game. A lot of drummers quit and those that stayed on the line became Grant’s Drum-line OGs. Today our line fluctuates between 10 and 20 members. Our challenge today is to become more efficient at doing tricks and dancing while playing our drums. Stepping up our game is the focus. I’m A PACER FOR LIFE…!!!!!GO PACER!!!!!!!!! We are number 1.

T.A.P Advisor
Mr. Van Buren
aka Mr. V